Star Wars, the trilogy that never gets old IV

They escaped from the Death Star, and they went to the moon where was the rebel base. When they arrived to the rebel base, they saw all pilots preparing for the attack to the big space station. And Luke joined them. But Han Solo said: “I have my money, and I can go home.” Then, R2 was putted in the Luke’s small spaceship, and take off. Luke’s ship took off, like the others, to attack the dangerous Death Star. They were losing, but then Luke heard his former master, who was telling him to use the force. And he did. He turned off the computer and be guided by force. But then came Darth Vader with two empire’s hunt, and almost gave him. But suddenly, came Han Solo, and destroyed the two hunts. Darth Vader took off in a collision with one of them, and Luke destroyed the Death Star just before it destroyed the moon where was the rebel base.

In celebration of the victory, gave a medal to Luke and the other to Han, and repaired R2.




Star Wars, the trilogy that never gets old III

Today I returned to see Star Wars, A new hope.

The resume: They search the princess Leia, for rescue her. But the clones saw them and they got into a garbage disposer. While, Obi-Wan deactivated the attraction fields of the big space station. In the garbage disposer, the walls began to gather, and our heroes trying to not be close. Luke, called C3PO: 3PO, “STOP THE BREAKERS, STOP THE BREAKEEEEEEEERS!!!”. First, C3PO didn’t listen Luke, but finally it heard and said R2-D2 to stop the breakers. While, Obi-Wan had finished off the attraction fields, and was found with Darth Vader. They started a dangerous battle. Luke, Han, Leia, Chewaka, R2 and 3PO ran to their spaceship. Obi-Wan saw them, and told Darth Vader, “If you kill me, I will be more powerful than you can imagine” and said that, let himself be killed. Luke shouted: “NOOOOOOOO”, went up to the spaceship, and the spaceship left the big space station.